Marketing System

Provide OEM for the world famous professional bearing companies

As the most important sector of Asian Bearing, the marketing department is filled with the elites arranged by the company. All the team members are good at both business operation and foreign languages. They are familiar with the company’s products and technology. “Customer first” is their faith. No matter when and where, they provide the good customer service and are diligently to develop new markets. It plays a pioneer role for the development of the company. The general manager Mr. Li Xiaoyoung, the founder of the marketing department, made the strategy, taking the lead to build a good foundation for the development of marketing.

The company has the import and export license so that it can operate its self-produced products export independently. At present, the company’s products are sold worldwide, and mainly covering the North America, Europe, East Asia and Southeast Asia and other regions, and the export share is of 70%. To achieve the grand goal of Asian Bearing, the marketing team has been making great effect assiduously.

Strengthen the high-end home appliance and OA market, and vigorously develop the auto market. Develop automotive bearings with industrial equipment motor, and reduce the common products gradually. Strengthen the three kinds of extreme products (maximum, minimum, and special), to avoid the low-end vicious competition, strengthen the development of special bearings, replace imported products. Meet customer needs with stable quality and high cost performance products.

Making full use of the network platform, develop the E-commerce to expand business impact and reduce marketing costs.
Provide the latest products and related solutions to customers and markets of all kinds with the strong product development capabilities, to win their trust and increase product sales.

Provide good customer service. Customer satisfaction will produce a snowball effort on the old business making it stronger.

Provide OEM for the world famous professional bearing companies

The main customers involved Nidec, Mitsuba, Brose, Continental, Regal Beloit, Marathon,Huaqvarn, etc., they manufactured motors, home appliances, office automation equipment, industrial equipment and auto parts mostly by Asian Bearing’s bearings.

The company has set up agents overseas, the United States, France, Turkey, Singapore, Japan,Italy and South Korea.