Development Of Asian Bearing


The administrators of Asian Bearing and production base are all the original class from MOS GROUP, for example, the technical department, quality department, administrative department and middle-senior managers, which ensures the technology, quality and administration as always.

Talent is the first element, the core factor and the first resource for Asian Bearing.

The administrators always put the talent in the first place, and create comfortable work environment and living condition to the staffs to activate their creativity and enthusiasm, which lays a sound foundation to company’s development. Although the company has created lots of excellent managers, administrators and technological elites, it will keep carrying the mutual development for all-level staffs and the company forward.


Asian Bearing implements reliable and value-added human resource management and service to develop human resource, establish company culture, and found the organizing ability to promote company’s healthy development and become the internal growth impetus.

Establish sound and effective human resource management system to found a high-quality personnel team to satisfy the need of Asian Bearing’s development. It will help the staff to achieve success, mould the company’s culture and promote the business growth.

Welcome talents from all sectors to join us and create Asian Bearing’s glorious future together.